"Decomposed Job"

An approach to clownezco and payazesco, intuitive, driving the universe without differentiation state creativode each participant.

"Circus and Theatrical Clown, Brothers on Stage"

Dynamics of duos and trios comedians.

"Destruction of Character"

Deepen the following hypothesis:


"Assembling Routines"

Creating comic routines from scratch.

"On the Magnifying Glass"

Direction numbers created by the participants.

"Street Theatre"

Outdoor workshop, learn the codes of the street and find the authentic.

"Circus Clown"

The resignified feat, the projection of feeling and use circular space.

The clown is a self-released state, but also requires a thorough study of the dynamics that cause laughter.

That is why my pedagojica proposal is divided into different thematic I think important for the formation of circus clown / theatrical clown.

Each of them can be taken individually or continuously.



Each circus clown / theatrical clown makes sense, his understanding of things. Although his language is absurd, it is consistent with his view of the world.